About Heartist Center


Heartist Center is founded with a mission to inspire an increase of social impact through the development of emotional intelligence.

We design and implement impactful consulting, education and mentoring programs on the emotional intelligence capacities and competencies. Focused on social enterprises, nonprofits and socially responsible companies, we create value added in organizations committed the most to making a positive impact on society.

The emotional intelligence capacities of self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness & skills form a basis of our programs. By developing emotional competencies of leaders and teams, Heartist Center contributes to increased leadership abilities, organizational performance, and social impact.

Sanja Zivkovic

Founder & Program Leader

Sanja Zivkovic is a heartist, living and creating from the heart. With the vision of bringing more emotional intelligence to the world. Through Heartist Center.

Consultant, educator and mentor with 10+ years of experience working with local and international organizations on development projects in the civil society, public and private sector. Continuously explores and develops emotional intelligence competencies to enhance her own personal and professional life, and lives of others. Committed to making a conscious impact on society.

Contact Sanja for more information on Heartist Center programs or schedule an introductory meeting.