About Heartist Center


Heartist Center empowers individuals and organizations to embed impact and emotional intelligence into leadership.

We design and implement online, blended and in-person leadership education and development programs for current and aspiring leaders, coaches, mentors and educators.

Emotions and sustainability are at the heart of our unique approach to leadership.

Sanja Zivkovic, MSc

Founder & Director

Sanja Zivkovic is a heartist, living and leading from the heart. With the vision of inspiring impact and emotional intelligence, wherever possible. Through Heartist Center.

Consultant, certified educator and coach-mentor. Member of the International Leadership Association. Has 15+ years of international experience in designing and implementing development programs. Continuously explores and develops emotional intelligence competencies to enhance her own life, and lives of others. Committed to empowering individuals and organizations to make a positive social impact.

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