01. 12. 2020. / inspiration / by Sanja

Imagine. Something you want to experience. How would you feel then? What color is that feeling? The expression of your face or faces of people surrounding you? Are you talking or just silently observing? In that vision of yours, did you discover something new about yourself?

To imagine is to make the first step towards our visions and missions. Whether personal or organizational. And the impact of that step largely depends on one of the key emotional intelligence capacities: self-awareness. The ability to monitor our feelings, thoughts, and actions. To be aware of our being, our wants, our needs. When interacting with other people to notice not just their behavior, but also our own emotions and reactions. In the present moment. Throughout life, this emotional intelligence capacity can be continuously developed.

Can you imagine, whatever you aspire to?


Sanja Zivkovic
Leadership Education & Development | Heartist Center
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