02. 01. 2021. / intelligence / by Sanja

Initiate. After you imagined. What do you need to do to experience what you aspire to? Is that something exciting or boring? Simple or complicated? Can you do it by yourself or you need support from others?  

Whatever it is, just take the initiative. Regardless of where it will take you. That’s not easy, I know. Sometimes we lack the energy and inspiration or feel unable to move. Our readiness to act on opportunities is closely related to our emotional competencies of self-confidence, achievement drive, and optimism. After we consciously assess these competencies in ourselves, we can understand better why it is so hard or easy for us to take the initiative. In any case, focusing on just one step at a time can help.

What would be your next step?


Sanja Zivkovic
Leadership Education & Development | Heartist Center
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