Leadership Education

Heartist Center leadership education increases the impact of both those who engage in the practice of leadership and those who develop and teach leaders (coaches, mentors, educators).

·  Online courses, workshops and vlogs based on the International Leadership Development Model by Sanja Zivkovic: Inspiration, Impact & Intelligence.

·  Tailored online, blended and in-person education programs for advancing the leadership knowledge and practice: diagnostics of learning needs, curriculum development, designing and implementing agile learning solutions (including Learning Management Systems - LMS), facilitation of group engagement.

·  Sanja Zivkovic specializes in speaking about impactful and emotionally intelligent leadership, integrating sustainability into business, and emotions as the guidance when creating and leading.


Leadership Development

Heartist Center provides leadership development services that empower individuals and organizations to create change.

·  Supporting leadership in developing shared vision, strategy and practices for integrating sustainability into business.
·  Developing tailored programs for increasing employee wellbeing, engagement and effectiveness.
·  Integrating effective leadership models into practice.

·  Coaching current and aspiring leaders for developing emotional intelligence competencies (e.g., emotional awareness, self-management, empathy, influence, inspirational leadership).
·  Coaching leaders to coach employees.


Pro Bono

To contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals related to ensuring inclusive education (SDG 4) and enhancing partnerships for the goals (SDG 17), Heartist Center engages in pro-bono work for disadvantaged groups through education, coaching and mentoring.

·  Contact us to receive support or to partner with us in creating collective impact.